Sunday, March 27, 2016

Maple Water

Last summer we picked up some maple water from Trader Joe's ($2.99 back when we got it). Maple water is basically tree sap from the maple tree (which always makes me think of the Hunger Games), so pretty natural stuff. We had never had maple water before, but considering we like coconut water, we thought it would be good to try. It was also just before the Women's World Cup started in June, so we thought it would be fun to drink it while watching some of the games being played in Canada.

I put the maple water in the fridge back when we got it since the box said it was "best consumed chilled," and promptly forgot about it through the entire Women's World Cup. I noticed it every so often over the next few months but never took it out, so we never drank it until A took it out of the fridge this afternoon. Not sure we were actually saving it for anything, but just never got around to drinking it. Good thing it didn't "expire" until next September. As far as taste, it basically just seemed like slightly sweetened water. I don't know that we would have been able to label the sweetness as maple if we hadn't known it was maple water, but it was nice and light and refreshing.

Buy Again? I don't know that we need to, since we don't buy a lot of water (we use our Brita instead), and we mostly bought it because we were curious about what it would be like. It was fine, but we don't really need it on a regular basis.

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