Thursday, March 10, 2016

Apricot and Mango Yogurt

Walking around Trader Joe's on recent trips, I keep looking around at how many products we've tried over the years but have never written about, and therefore can't remember what we thought about them. To move things along a little more quickly, and so we don't have to try something 3 times before we finally post about it and remember whether we want to buy it again, I'm thinking that maybe we should do a "quick review" instead for things that don't really need a lengthy post devoted to them, like this yogurt. Hopefully these quick dispatches will make us more productive and timely.

Product: "French Village" (not sure why it's French) apricot and mango yogurt

Price: $0.79 for a 6 ounce container

Quick review: Pretty good yogurt, but not especially strong flavors of apricot and mango. Didn't really taste any different from the peach yogurt we can buy at any other store.

Buy again? Maybe. Peach is one of my favorite yogurt flavors, and since this apricot and mango one was reminiscent of that, I might get it again. Yogurt at the "regular" grocery store on sale is cheaper though, so if I can get peach yogurt there, I would probably do that instead since there isn't a huge difference in taste or quality.

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