Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Week 28 - Vanilla

After baking and berries, seeing vanilla pop up on the challenge list was a little painful. All of those things would be great if I were making desserts for the challenge, but I have been pretty set on sticking with dinner whenever possible. There was a vanilla challenge during my first year doing this challenge and I made some tasty macaroons, but really wasn't feeling inspired to make any dessert with vanilla this time around. Been there, done that, don't really feel like making more vanilla-flavored things. I looked at all the vanilla submissions that other people sent in and other sites of vanilla-filled recipes, but couldn't find a single savory dish I wanted to make, so I just decided I wasn't going to make something new.

Somewhat recently, A made some banana bread, and his version of banana bread used vanilla extract (along with flour, sugar, bananas (obviously), and coconut oil). Sure, it wasn't a whole vanilla bean like I did for the last challenge, but vanilla is vanilla. Good enough for me since I'm not officially participating anyway. (Normally A uses melted butter to make this, but just for fun he opted to use coconut oil to see how it would turn out this time, and it was good.)

I really like when A makes banana bread since it's not overly sweet, and the magic number for the texture of banana bread we like seems to be three bananas. Since the temperature is kind of warm in our apartment and bananas ripen quickly, it's a good thing we have a tasty banana bread recipe to rely on.

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