Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Week 24 - Baking

I couldn't decide on something new and special to make for the baking challenge, so I decided that whatever I baked around the challenge weeks would be good enough. In this case, I needed to use up an open package of smoked salmon, so a baked salmon and tots casserole was the plan.

There wasn't too much prep to this. I baked the tots most of the way to done, cooked the peppers and onions from a freezer bag that had been sitting there for far too long, and beat about 4 eggs. (Yes, this was kind of a pantry clean-out meal.) After greasing the baking pan, I added the tots in a layer on the bottom, topped them with the peppers and onions, and then added about half the egg mixture. The smoked salmon went on top of that, along with the rest of the egg mixture and then a layer of Mexican shredded cheese blend.

I made this some time ago and am only getting around to writing about it now, so I don't remember the actual baking details like temperature and time (you know, the actual challenge). I'm guessing I would have done 400 degrees, and then just baked it until the eggs looked fully cooked through.

The casserole was pretty good and an easy way to use up things that were taking up space in our fridge and freezer. It was also quick and simple to make with minimal prep, so perfect for a weekday meal unlike a lot of my challenge choices.

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