Thursday, August 3, 2017

Avocado or Matcha

On one of our Trader Joe's shopping trips this summer, I came across some new flavors in the Greek whole milk yogurt line that I just had to try. I'm always up for trying new yogurt flavors, especially ones that are unique. I didn't actually get around to trying them until weeks later since we were eating the yogurt in the fridge in order of expiration date, so hopefully the availability of flavors on the shelves hasn't completely changed in such a short time.

The first was avocado citrus, and this one has been pretty widely publicized by both TJ's and the food sites, probably because people love talking about avocado. The citrus here comes from blood orange concentrate, also not your typical yogurt flavor, which brightens up the flavor a lot. I'm not really sure what I was expecting, but the avocado gave the yogurt an earthiness that I'm not sure I really liked that much. It was fine, but I probably won't get this one again.

The other new yogurt on the shelves on that shopping trip was the matcha green tea flavor. Throughout the year, TJ's has seemed to be experimenting with a bunch of new matcha products, like the Joe-Joe's and some other stuff, so the yogurt seemed like a natural next step. Oddly, there is almost nothing online about this yogurt except some posts from 2007-2008. It's almost like it doesn't exist, which is a little worrisome for me since I liked this one so much more than the avocado citrus which earned a spot in the Fearless Flyer.

It completely slipped my mind that I should take note of the ingredients in this yogurt, but I think at the time I had just expected that it would be widely reviewed online. I'm not sure what exactly was in it but you can definitely taste the matcha. I had never had tea-flavored yogurt before, but after eating this, I loved it and wanted to buy a case of it if it was still in stock. The flavor was so light and clean and really pleasing, a nice way to start the day. I really hope they're still carrying this, because I need more of it!

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