Sunday, July 5, 2015

WWC 2015 Challenge

The Women's World Cup is officially over and the USWNT won! We're thrilled with their success and hope women's sports will continue to gain more respect in the years to come.

We didn't do that well with our challenge, visiting just 37.5% of the countries involved (although it goes up to 71% if you count the ones we "waived"), but between the July 4th holiday weekend, a bunch of weekends with other things planned, and general fatigue, we did the best we could. We're happy that at least we got to one African restaurant, since we failed to do that last year and were really disappointed about that. Unlike last year's challenge, this time we can say that we visited at least one restaurant for each confederation.

Here's how we did:

Completed (post links to be added as we finish them, hopefully soon)
China (1, 2)
New Zealand
South Korea

Waived (see here for why)

Not Completed
Cameroon, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ivory Coast, Norway, Switzerland

We feel a little bad about missing Canada since they're the host country, but we did do a Canadian WorldEats exploration before, so at least we haven't completely neglected Canada during our blog's history. Now that the Women's World Cup is over, it's time to concentrate on WorldEats (and writing up all the posts we still haven't gotten to about all the places we've tried) and exploring lots more new foods!

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