Thursday, July 2, 2015

Turkey Club Wrap

Today for lunch I picked up a turkey club wrap ($3.99) from Trader Joe's. We don't often get the pre-made sandwiches from there (unless we're headed to the airport), but I was getting groceries after running some errands in Jersey and got really hungry (the sample of fried avocado was not enough). I went with the turkey club wrap because it didn't require dipping sauce (I was eating in the car) and it was one of the few we hadn't already tried. I hoped it would be good!

The turkey club wrap consisted of turkey, spinach, and uncured turkey bacon with a creamy tomato dressing in a tomato tortilla. Overall, it was just okay. The turkey was basic sliced turkey, not very flavorful, but fine. The spinach seemed a bit wilted and had that "older spinach" taste to it, which I suppose is not entirely unexpected since it came in a refrigerated wrap. I didn't really taste much from the creamy tomato dressing, but there was something there. I wouldn't have been able to tell you it was "creamy tomato dressing" without the label though. The tortilla was clearly a tomato tortilla since it was orange, but it didn't have much distinct flavor other than a tinge of sweetness. The tortilla was also a bit gummy unfortunately. The standout was definitely the turkey bacon. The placement of the bacon was a little off-center, so the first few bites didn't have much of the bacon, but that's what really added all of the flavor to the wrap.

Buy Again? Probably not. The sandwich was okay, but nothing amazing. It's also pretty high in fat and sodium. There's still a few more sandwiches that we haven't tried yet so I'd probably go for one of those instead.

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