Monday, July 6, 2015

Taqueria Diana

We've been meaning to post about Taqueria Diana in the East Village for a long time. I first went there back in 2013, a few months after they opened, and loved the tacos that I got. It had been a while since we visited Taqueria Diana, so we decided to head over there for the Mexico slot in our WWC challenge.

Taqueria Diana is a small shop with limited seating in the back, but so far, we've managed to go at the right times to always get a spot. There's a lot to choose from - tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and chicken - but until this past visit, we always got tacos. (Just a note that this menu photo is outdated, from one of the older drafts we were supposed to finish, and prices have gone up a little since then. Not a tremendous amount, but this isn't completely accurate.)

The tacos at Taqueria Diana are great. Since it's been some time since we had them, we can't describe in detail the flavors of the tacos we got, but here's a photo so you can see how good they look.

On this visit though, we were there for the nachos. I had heard so much about the nachos there, but my love for tacos had always won out on other visits. We decided to go for the chicken nachos ($9.87) and added guacamole (an extra $1.38). The nachos came with a giant pile of chips, topped with chicken, beans, cheese, sauce, some pickled jalapenos, and 3 scoops of guacamole.

The nachos were really tasty, and the portion was far bigger than we had expected. We thought we might go on a food crawl, but this was enough for both of us for lunch and at a very affordable price (for 2 people). What was great about the portion they gave was that there was enough stuff for all of the chips, which you don't find at some places when it comes to nachos. The chips are all fried fresh in-house, and you can definitely taste that difference. Although we liked the chicken version, we're thinking next time we might get the al pastor, since it always looks so good on the spit at the front of the restaurant.

While the nachos were good, we think they would be even better topped with some pico de gallo or the onion/cilantro mix that tops the tacos, just to give it a little bit more brightness and freshness. Also, there's a lack of vegetables which would be fixed by adding one of those toppings. That said, we would definitely get the nachos again.

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