Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jambalaya Empanada

Last week I tried the spicy chicken empanada at Nuchas, which I really liked. Before the end of the week, I was back for another snack - this time, the jambalaya empanada.

The jambalaya empanada was made with turmeric dough, and had shrimp, andouille, arborio rice, tomatoes, onions and peppers.

The taste of this empanada was dominated by the rice, tomatoes and onions. Similar to the paprika dough in the spicy chicken empanada, I didn't notice much flavor from the seasoned dough (here, turmeric); it really just seemed to give the empanada a special coloring. I also didn't taste the spicy flavor that usually comes with andouille and the shrimp was not really distinguishable. It was kind of like having a tomato rice empanada, which isn't bad, but isn't exactly what I was expecting for jambalaya.

Between the two empanadas, the spicy chicken is definitely my favorite. I think next I'll try one of the vegetarian ones (maybe the shiitake curry?) and then after Easter, can try the Argentine (ground beef one). Curious if any will be better than spicy chicken!

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