Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Moroccan Vegetable Soup

It was cold today. The wind chill hovered in the single digits and low teens most of the day. Bundled up in my blanket coat, I braved the bone chilling cold and went to Taim Mobile since they were down the block from my office today. It's rough for customers at the trucks but I also think about how difficult it must be for the vendors, out all day and with lower foot traffic, so I'm trying to do my part to help. (I'm a poor judge of foot traffic though, considering I eat lunch at 2 half the time...)

In addition to my falafel sandwich, I decided to try the Moroccan vegetable soup ($4). I was trying to decide between soup and fries, but (a) soup is healthier than fries (especially since it's a vegetable-based non-creamy soup) and (b) this was definitely soup weather.

The soup was pretty good. It's a clear tasty broth, and the vegetables included carrots, chickpeas, some squash (I think). It reminded me of the couscous that I order from Marrakesh (hmm, haven't ordered from there in a bit) which would come with the same soft vegetables on top. The flavor and texture were almost exactly the same.

I would definitely get this again if Taim's nearby and I'm in the mood for soup. Although the fries are certainly tempting...

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