Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Baked Cuban Chicken Sandwich

Poor dog wants my baked chicken sandwich from Sophie's Cuban. (Actually, it's more likely that he just wants company, but I'm sure his life isn't lacking since the caption to the picture says that he "soaks up the good life at a Sicilian villa.")

For my first purchased work lunch of 2011, I decided to try out the new(ish) Sophie's Cuban by the office since I hadn't gotten around to it yet. After looking at the hot dishes and the menu, nothing really jumped out at me other than the sandwiches. After deliberating for a bit, I decided to go with the baked chicken which came with mayo and onions according to the menu board. The guy in front of me got it with lettuce, tomatoes and potato sticks in addition to mayo and onions, so I guess you can ask for those too. Since I was going for the first time, I decided to get it the way they planned it.

It was pretty good. The baked chicken had a nice flavor (and only one piece of cartilage). The onion mix was quite tasty (I'm biased, I love onions), the bread wasn't too hard or chewy, and the mayo wasn't overwhelming. Next time maybe I would add tomatoes or try a different type of chicken (they have grilled and breaded also).

And don't forget the green sauce which they give you when you check out. Perhaps it's just my addiction to green sauce (I'm not sure I've met one I didn't like, from Afghan to Indian to Cuban to Mexican) but I think it's really good. So if they ask if you want hot sauce, say yes!

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