Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Week 20 - 5 Ingredients or Less

My plan for the 5 ingredients or less challenge had originally been miso soup, but after I saw that someone else made a frittata, I threw the original plan out the window. Instead of making a dish that wouldn't be substantial enough for a whole meal, a frittata or an omelette or a scramble could be. We ended up eating some bread alongside it, but it didn't necessarily need the bread, so it qualified as 5 ingredients or less to me.

The 5 ingredients (since salt and pepper didn't count) were:

- mushrooms ($1.90)
- sliced leeks ($0.75)
- 4 strips of bacon, sliced ($1.92)
- 6 eggs ($0.60)
- shredded Mexican cheese ($0.95)

All of those ingredients, plus salt, pepper, and the bread, put the total for dinner at approximately $7.37. Not bad for dinner for two. It helped having ingredients like bacon and cheese that packed a lot of flavor in for minimal cost.

It was pretty easy to prepare - frying the bacon, cooking the mushrooms and leeks in the bacon fat, and then adding the eggs and making a scramble. I always forget how much I like making this for dinner, and should definitely do it more.

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