Friday, June 2, 2017

Week 17 - Cafeteria Food

The last cafeteria lunch I ate was probably in elementary school, and I have fond memories of beef turnovers and French bread pizzas (although I already made those pizzas for a different challenge) and breaded chicken (formed meat) sandwiches. I thought about making meatloaf (except I've made meatloaf for a number of different challenges already), but in the end went with grilled cheese, mostly because we had bought a loaf of wheat bread for other reasons and were going to have leftover pepper jack cheese to shred after using it in grits.

The ingredients were basic - bread, butter, and shredded jack cheese. Alongside the cheese I finished off a bag of frozen tots that we had opened long ago. Looked like a cafeteria meal to me.

I made the grilled cheese the same way I've been making the toasties ever since our Kappacasein visit  - buttered bread, shredded cheese, flattened with a pan in a skillet. I don't think I'll ever make grilled cheese another way again.

Dinner was fine, even if nothing special. But grilled cheese and tots were definitely cafeteria food!

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