Sunday, June 4, 2017

Week 18 - Stir Fry

We stir fry on a regular basis, so I thought the best thing to do for the challenge would be to look for a new recipe. But nothing really caught my eye as I looked at recipe after recipe, so I decided instead to make black bean chicken for the challenge. I've made this before (and even posted about it), but it had been many months since the last time and I was kind of craving it.

There were some differences in how we made it this time, mostly because we were going to eat it on its own and I wanted to make sure there were enough vegetables in it for a meal. Instead of just a bell pepper, garlic, ginger, and scallions, I ended up using onions, a green bell pepper, a red bell pepper, mushrooms, garlic, ginger, and leeks (store was out of scallions). And lots more black beans than in previous times, but there was also more stuff in the dish.

This was really good, although I wanted more black bean flavor. I always forget how easy it is to make this and how we just need some fresh vegetables to throw in. I should probably make this and ma po tofu more so I can finish off the black beans we have and get some newer, fresher, probably stronger in flavor ones.

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