Monday, May 22, 2017

Black Bean Taquitos

We're really grateful for Trader Joe's customer-friendly policy. Returns there are no hassle, which makes it really easy to try new products with no fear of wasting money. (We recently returned some seeds to the store that we just didn't care for, and they had no issues.) We also love the sampling station and have tried some really good stuff over the years that we've gone on to buy.

But we're also grateful for the sample offerings because sometimes they showcase things that we don't really care for. On one recent trip, they had these black bean and cheese taquitos (main filling ingredients were black beans, mushrooms, jack cheese, and jalapeƱos), but we both found the taquitos themselves relatively flavorless despite all those ingredients. They were serving them with salsa (one we already have at home and will review someday), and the salsa was definitely needed to give it flavor. I've always passed by these and wondered if we should buy them, and at least now I know they're not for us. I don't think they're new, so clearly some people like them (and maybe more than liked some of our beloved discontinued items), but they're just not for us. Better to know that now, rather than buying them and not loving them or in other cases, returning them and wasting food. Samples are great!

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