Monday, February 20, 2017

Maple and Ancient Grains

I was supposed to write this post days ago but got a little bit distracted that night by the release of a new generation of Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Oops. That distraction is a big part of why we haven't posted over the weekend, not any type of holiday traveling. Anyway, back to it with a yogurt review.

I previously mentioned interesting Fage Crossovers yogurt combinations when I reviewed the carrot-pistachio one. When we were at the store that time, I picked up two different types, and the second was this maple syrup blended Greek yogurt with ancient grain granola. As I looked back over my purchases from that weekend, I realized that I'm a complete sucker for anything that has "ancient grains" in it. I'm kind of obsessed with ancient grains since they're good for you, so getting this one was a no-brainer. As far as which ancient grains were in it, there was amaranth, millet, quinoa, and chia seeds.

I tried the maple syrup yogurt part first on its own and found it really, really sweet, too sweet for my tastes (which quite honestly has me worried about other maple-flavored yogurts in the fridge). However, with the ancient grains mixed in, it was much better. Although it was still a little on the sweeter side, it was much more bearable. I liked the addition of the grains which were hearty and had a nice crunch to them. They would be a good topping to any yogurt flavor and were definitely my favorite part.

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