Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Carrot Ginger Yogurt

Another trip to Target, another yogurt sale. I love finding new and interesting ones to try, like this Fage Crossover. Carrot ginger Greek yogurt with roasted pistachios? That's not exactly common in the yogurt aisle. I'm also a sucker for all the yogurts where you can flip toppings on to the yogurt, like the Chobani Flips (which reminds me that I really need to finish my post about those).

The thing I found most interesting about this yogurt was that it at least sounded like savory yogurt. It wasn't my first time having vegetable-flavored yogurt (the tasty but very pricey Blue Hill ones come to mind), but probably the first time I had ever seen one on shelves outside of Whole Foods. I was pleased to find that this wasn't some sort of super sweet carrot cake-flavored yogurt, but it actually just tasted like carrots and there were bits of carrots mixed in to the yogurt which gave it texture. The roasted pistachios on the side were exactly what they sounded like, although I had expected them to be chopped up or something instead of whole pistachios.

Overall, I thought this yogurt was okay. The creaminess of the yogurt muted the flavor of the carrot a little bit, but you could still tell that it was vegetable yogurt, so I liked that part. The pistachios were fine, but I found them harder to eat with the yogurt whole and think they would have been better chopped. I also wasn't really a fan of them together with the yogurt and preferred the two parts separately. I probably wouldn't get this again as there are so many other yogurts I like better (and so many other flavors to try), but I applaud Fage for putting something different out there. It was good, but just not my favorite flavor combination. I see on their website that they have a couple of savory yogurts with almonds - tomato basil and olive thyme - and I am very interested in trying those someday.

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