Saturday, August 13, 2016

Team Mystic

Some days you just want some sushi. That was how we found ourselves at Ajisai, our neighborhood sushi joint (previously posted here), yesterday after a late visit to the gym. Although there were a lot of appetizers and hot food on the menu that sounded tempting, we decided to stick with rolls.

We ordered a sushi combo (which came with a salad or soup) along with 3 individual special rolls. The salad was your typical sushi joint salad - mostly lettuce with some cucumber and carrots and an orange-colored ginger dressing. We really love that dressing, so even if the salad ingredients themselves are never that exciting, we like eating the salad because of the dressing.

The combo we got was combo C ($16), which had a yellowtail jalapeƱo roll, spicy tuna roll, and spicy crunchy salmon roll. Whenever we get a combo, it's pretty much always this one. The quality is pretty good and everything tastes really fresh. This time around, my favorite from the combo was probably the spicy crunchy salmon, and A's was the spicy tuna roll.

We also got the namesake Ajisai roll ($16), described on the menu as "spicy crunchy salmon, mango, topped with black pepper tuna, sweet shrimp, eel, avocado, and tobiko with mango sauce." We've probably gotten this one before, but since we never posted about any of our visits before, it's hard to say for sure. This roll definitely had some sweetness from all the mango, but it wasn't an overwhelming amount. Our favorite parts of this roll were the ones with the black pepper tuna, but it was all pretty good.

The second special roll we got was the viking roll ($14), which was "eel, avocado, crunchy inside, tuna, salmon, yellowtail on the top with spicy sauce." It was also topped with some microgreens. This roll was good too, but texturally, it kind of mashed together a bit since all the ingredients were soft and covered in sauce. That wasn't necessarily a bad thing though, as the taste was good. A particularly liked this one because of the eel which is usually his favorite type of sushi fish.

The last special roll we got, I hadn't even seen on the menu when browsing it, but once A pointed it out, I knew we had to get it. It was called the mystic roll ($16), and considering we're Team Mystic in Pokemon Go (and proud of it), it was like it was meant to be. The mystic roll had "spicy tuna, avocado, crunchy, top with seared tuna and red wine pear with black rice and carrot ginger sauce." While we were pretty sure we had gotten the Ajisai roll before, and we knew we had gotten the viking roll before, we were relatively confident that this one would be new for us. We would have remembered eating a sushi roll with crunchy wine-soaked pear on top of it. This roll was really interesting and we liked it. The black rice added a little bit of a different flavor (you could get the other rolls with black rice too, but it costs extra), and it was nicely balanced out with the mild sweetness of the pear and that carrot ginger dressing I've already mentioned we love. It was a good choice, but we would expect nothing less from something called a mystic roll.

We were pretty happy with our Ajisai sushi dinner, and it was exactly what we both wanted for dinner. It's nice having a reliable sushi joint in the neighborhood.

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