Sunday, August 14, 2016

Taco Toppings

A few more Trader Joe's random quick reviews, this time for the toppings from our Week 27 taco challenge:

Product: Fancy shredded Mexican blend cheese
Price: $3.49 for 12 oz
Quick review: This is probably my favorite shredded cheese (of any blend, any brand, any store). It combines sharp cheddar, Monterey jack, asadero, and queso blanco, and just adds so much flavor to whatever we add it to. The quality is also pretty good. Often, like with cheddar, it's cheaper buying your own cheese and grating it, but here, it's cheaper and easier getting this blend so I can get all those different cheeses in one with zero effort.
Buy Again? Absolutely. We've been getting it for years. There's also a light version but it's more expensive, and I don't know that there's a dramatic difference in the nutritional panel.

Product: Light sour cream
Price: $1.79 for a pint
Quick review: I didn't eat much sour cream growing up, mostly because my family wasn't into it for health and lactose intolerance reasons, but I do like some sour cream every so often with tacos or chili or the like. I don't think we've ever gotten the regular sour cream at TJ's, only the light (which is supposed to have less fat and calories), so I can't really compare the two as far as taste but I think this one is pretty good. We also prefer the dairy products at TJ's in general compared to other stores because they are hormone-free, so that's another plus for this sour cream.
Buy Again? Yes, and we have every so often for years.

Product: Mild pico de gallo salsa
Price: $2.99 for 12 oz
Quick review: We really like pico de gallo, but it can sometimes be tough to make when tomatoes aren't in season. I've made it before and prefer it fresh, but it's so much more convenient to get it in a tub, already pre-cut and mixed. As expected, this version contained tomatoes, onions, jalapeƱos, and cilantro, along with some seasonings, but it was much more watery than I thought it would be. Perhaps it needed to be more watery in order to make it last, but I didn't like it as much because of that. Back in Chicago, I used to go to Cub Foods (which I guess is now no longer there), and often bought their tubs of pico de gallo. I still remember them because they were that good, just like you were getting it at a restaurant, and far less watery. I kind of wish this one had been like that.

Buy Again? Maybe, especially if it's winter or there aren't good-looking, affordable tomatoes. It wasn't as good as I thought it would be, but it's good in a pinch. I just wish it weren't so watery.

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