Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Atami Japanese Fusion

Earlier this month, I met my mom for lunch at Atami Japanese Fusion in the East 60s. I don't spend much time in the area but I wish we had a lunch special of this price and quality in our neighborhood!

For $9, you can get a bento box or a 2 roll sushi special. That's a pretty good deal, especially with how many items Atami gives you in the lunch special.

I ordered the 2 roll lunch special. To start you get a choice of salad or miso soup. I wasn't really in much of a soup mood and I like the salad dressing at Japanese restaurants, so I went with the salad. I got a small bowl of iceberg lettuce, tomato and cucumber, topped with the usual ginger dressing. Everything was fresh and crisp. 

The sushi special also comes with your choice of edamame, gyoza or shumai. Most of the sushi lunch specials that I've had at restaurants or gotten for take-out only give you soup and/or salad. I like gyoza, and it was nice to get this as part of the special.

The Atami special includes many roll options, including eel avocado, spicy yellowtail crunch, and shrimp tempura rolls. I decided to go with the salmon avocado roll and the spicy tuna crunch roll, two of my usual go-to rolls when trying a new place. Both were light, flavorful, fresh and well-balanced. 

My mom got the teriyaki salmon bento box, which was also pretty good. The salmon, unlike other places, wasn't dry. In addition to the salmon, the bento box also came with soup for an appetizer and sides of the same green salad, vegetables, rice, gyoza, and a California roll. Atami packed quite a bit into their bento box, especially considering it's only $9.

We were pretty satisfied with our lunch at Atami. I hadn't heard much about them before going but the restaurant fit our needs for location and lunch specials. If I were in the area for lunch, I would definitely check out Atami again. It was a good deal and the quality was solid.

Atami Japanese Fusion is located at 1167 2nd Ave (between 61st and 62nd).

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