Monday, April 10, 2017

Mackerel in Sunflower Oil

We bought this canned mackerel some time ago, and it's been hanging out in our pantry with other canned fish and assorted pates for months. No idea how much it cost when we got it, but it's $2.99 now. Although we got it a while ago, it was still more than six months out from its best by date when we had it, so still perfectly "fresh" to eat.

M's review: I wasn't sure how much I was going to like this as it looked like there were little bones in it (despite the fact that it said boneless) and mackerel has a tendency to sometimes be fishy. The bones didn't end up being an issue as A determined they were edible, and surprisingly, I didn't find the mackerel fishy at all. The taste was absolutely fine, very mild, but they were a little on the dry side despite soaking in that much oil. That was the only negative in my opinion.
Buy again? I think I would, which is not what I expected. Maybe the dryness was just a fluke.

A's review: I like canned fish. From a young age my mom got me hooked on those canned sardines, and mackerel was right up my alley. Mackerel on the whole is an oily fish and has that "fishy" taste that a lot of people don't like. Somehow, after soaking in sunflower oil, it was less fishy. Also, it was much firmer/drier than I expected with that oil bath. Even so, it was enjoyable and tasty.
Buy again? Yes, assuming it's not too expensive.

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