Friday, April 28, 2017

Just Beets

Product Name: Just Beets

Price: $2.99 for 1.3 oz bag

Quick review: Just Beets were literally that - just beets. The bag consisted of a little over an ounce of dehydrated beet chips. We really like beets, so even though the price tag was a little high for the amount, we thought they would be worth a try. They were okay. They tasted like beets, and the texture was a little chewy, like a lot of the other dehydrated fruit at TJ's, and not crunchy like vegetable chips. (We did eat these a little bit past the best by date, so maybe they were affected by that, but no way for us to know.) They were fine, but nothing we were still raving about an hour later. Even if they had been crunchier chips, they still wouldn't have been worth it for the price, in our opinion.

Buy Again? Not likely, because they're pretty expensive for the amount that you get. (What's in that bag photo was the entire thing.) We'd rather just eat regular beets.

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