Thursday, March 9, 2017

Week 9 - One Pot

One pot was the challenge theme for one of the first challenge weeks I ever did back in 2014, so I wasn't sure what to make for the one pot theme this time around. While I was trying to figure it out, I unintentionally made a one pot meal, so task complete.

Since this was unplanned, unfortunately no ingredients photo, but I had originally been making a soup with Italian sausage and vegetables. I added some tiny pasta to it but it didn't seem like enough, so I added more tiny pasta. By the time the pasta finished absorbing all the water, it had pretty much become a one pot pasta dish. It looks a little like stew in these photos but it was really thick and there wasn't really much liquid in the end at all.

The dish combined a large onion, a pound of carrots, a box of mushrooms, one large zucchini, one package of Trader Joe's spicy Italian sausage (the pre-cooked ones), about 8 cups of water, 2 large scoops of chicken bouillon, salt and pepper, a lot of dried oregano, a few shakes of chili flakes, some dried rosemary, about 2 cups of tiny pasta, and a little bit of chopped parsley added at the end. I basically simmered it until the pasta had absorbed all the water, and A said it had a consistency like porridge. We have made this soup before and usually mix in some lentils or rice or some other grain, but this is the first time it turned into a one pot non-soup meal. Good combination in whatever form.

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