Monday, April 4, 2016

English Ale Cheddar with Mustard

It may already be April, but here's our review of the March spotlight cheese!

Product: English Ale Cheddar Cheese with Mustard

Price: $8.99/lb. They came in blocks about 0.5 lb each, but I think that weight included that black wax inedible "shell."

Quick review: Our basic feelings about the taste of this cheese were cheddar - yes, ale (from the Old Speckled Hen English ale) - yes, mustard - not very much. There were hints of mustard in it, but the ale flavor was much stronger. (Apparently there was also white wine vinegar, cinnamon, and dried pimento in addition to the whole grain mustard according to TJ's, but we didn't really notice those.) We were both expecting (and hoping for) so much more mustard flavor from the cheese. Interestingly the mustard flavor came out a bit more when the cheese was heated. We ate blocks of it plain, and then also melted it on top of some panko chicken tenders. Our favorite version of the cheese though was the little shavings that fell off the chicken and just baked on the foil, as those had the most flavor. I seriously thought about taking the rest of the plate of cheese blocks and dumping them all on a foil-lined baking sheet to bake at 400 for a bit, but then was lazy.

Buy Again? If this were in the permanent rotation, I think we'd definitely consider it. It wasn't our favorite cheddar cheese from TJ's (for example, we liked last year's March cheese better), but it was good. It was especially good baked.

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