Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Dave

Another Seamless discount, another visit to City Sandwich. This time, I picked up the Dave (normally $10.95), which piled fresh sausage, kale, tomato, peperoncino, melted mozzarella, garlic, and olive oil on the usual crispy bread. I think this was the first time I had ever tried the Dave, but I don't remember exactly which sandwiches we tried on some of our earlier visits years ago, so possibly not.

The sausage in the Dave reminded me of the crumbled sausage that I got in the roasted cabbage and carrot soup on a previous visit. It was just as good here, and definitely the predominant flavor of the sandwich, along with the mozzarella and the garlic. Although we've classified previous sandwiches from City Sandwich as more Portuguese (especially the delicious LGBT), this one seemed to play more to the Italian side of what they call their "ItaLisboNewYorka" flavors. It was really tasty, mostly because I really like that sausage. I definitely liked this better than the Victoria, but between this and the LGBT, I'm not sure which one I'd pick. Might depend upon my mood since their fillings are pretty different. Anyway, this was good - too expensive for me to get regularly (still over my personal "limit" of $10 after the discount), but a nice, good quality treat when there's a discount.

City Sandwich, is at 649 Ninth Avenue (at 45th Street), in Hell's Kitchen.

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