Monday, February 8, 2016

Tarte à l'Oignon

We regularly frequent the Trader Joe's blog to see what's new, and at the beginning of the year stumbled upon a new spotlight on the tarte à l'Oignon ($3.99), an Alsatian style onion tart. We've been big fans of Alsatian style tarts ever since having tarte flambée from the restaurant where we got engaged (more on that type of tart here), so we definitely wanted to try this.

According to the packaging, "oodles of onions are caramelized and mixed with a light creamy sauce before being baked in a flaky, buttery crust." The crust itself was a shortcrust dough made with butter and eggs, and on top of the crust, there was a mixture of creme fraiche, caramelized onions, milk, nutmeg, and pepper. Considering the ingredients, it's not a super healthy tart, but we weren't expecting it to be.

Right out of the box, it didn't look anything like the picture, but we hoped it would still taste good. It was pretty easy to make. Just pop it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.

M's review: This tart looked amazing on the box and I love onions, especially caramelized onions, so I was expecting to love this.  Unfortunately it didn't live up to my expectations and didn't really look like what was advertised. Where were all those browned, caramelized onions on top? There was no way it could look like that considering what it looked like coming out of the box. It was definitely creamy and had onion flavor, but it was kind of one-note to me. It was almost like eating a sweet, mild French onion soup in a more solidified form on top of a buttery crust. The crust wasn't that crisp, which could be because I put it on a baking sheet instead of directly on the oven rack, but I was concerned about it bubbling over and making a mess (not sure why really). The texture/crispness really didn't bother me as much as the not very exciting flavor. It wasn't bad. I was just expecting more.
Buy Again? Probably not for me. I'd rather try a different tart or just eat a bowl of caramelized onions.

A's review: I looked at the picture on the box a few times to make sure what I was about to eat was actually what we were advertised to have bought. Obviously some camera trickery and special food preparation/photography was involved, but I ended up trying to keep an open mind. After my first bite, my mind closed off a bit. The crust was a little buttery, but it wasn't that flaky. The onions were rather bland as well, and it was mostly just a melted looking and textured blob of "onions".
Buy Again? I wouldn't. Would I eat it again if we bought it? Sure, it was edible and the crust was nice, but it just wasn't good enough overall to warrant me wanting to get it again.

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